Youth Council on the move

With the need for effective youth programs on at a high as ever, the Seattle Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council continues to increase the positive opportunities for youth using hip-hop music and culture.   Following up a strong summer in which SHSANYC planned and produced and participated in various events Hip-Hop Youth Rally @ Umoja Fest, BOSS Up Showcase which featured artists from Chicago and Oakland and representing Seattle strong with the at the National Hip-Hop Congress Conference in Athens Ohio.  

The Council has initiated a number of projects including neighborhood Hip-Hop committees and hip-hop writers groups in central and south  Seattle.   The committees provide a place for youth to develop their creative gifts, awareness and leadership while actively participating in creating planning and producing positive Hip-Hop events for other young people in the community to participate in.  Most meetings include learning about culture, business & social issues, and writing/creating poetry and songs.  On Wednesday’s at Waid’s the council sponsors a young artist’s showcase “We Got Next” which allows youth to develop their performance and public speaking skills. 

More recent Youth Council events included Hip Hop Thinks Author Lecture featuring Amanda Diva at the Downtown Library, 206 Love  Concert Vol. 2 at the Vera Project, and an upcoming showcase at the Seattle Public Library All Ages Arts Night May 2nd at the downtown library. The council has also been vigilant in advocating for the community, speaking at city council, meeting with state legislators and campaigning for more resources in the community.   

These programs have been made possible through a number of strategic partnerships with forward thinking organizations including funding in part by a grant from the City of Seattle Neighborhood Matching Fund, Seattle Vocational Institute, Seattle Public Library, Multi-Media Center and Waid’s Haitian Restaurant. 


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