Updated Info – Seattle/NW Hip-Hop Leadership Conference

Seattle/NW Hip-Hop Leadership Conference – Saturday Feb. 28th @ Seattle Central Community College.

NW Hip-Hop Leadership Conference: 2008-09 DIVERSITY SPEAKER SERIES

Dr. Sujan “Supreme Understanding” Dass author of How To Hustle & Win: A Survival Guide for the Ghetto will be back in Seattle to give the keynote addressing the topic of “Violence in the Black Community & Hip Hop: Root Causes and Real Solutions.”

For more info on other workshops and schedule please see below.




NW Hip-Hop Leadership Conference: 2008-09 DIVERSITY SPEAKER SERIES


The NW Hip-Hop Leadership Conference (NWHLC) is Saturday February 28, 2009 at SCCC (9a-6:30p). The theme is POSITIVE CHANGE, OWNERSHIP and ACCOUNTABILITY 


The keynote speaker is Dr. Sujan “Supreme Understanding” Dass (www.hustleandwin.com ). The NWHLC is part of the DSS in collaboration with the Seattle Hip-Hop Summit Action Network Youth Council and the United For Youth Coalition. Please send questions/suggestions to eddie.moorejr@bush.edu or wyking@gmail.vom. There is limited space/seating!! 




8:30-9:30a                               Registration/Continental Breakfast Networking 

9-9:45a                                    Spoken Word/MC Battle  

9:45-11a                                  Panels/Workshop Sessions 1  

11:15a-12:30p                         Panels/Workshop Sessions 2  

12:30-1:45p                             Lunch on Your Own 

1:45-3p                                    Panels/Workshop Sessions 3 

3:15-4:30p                               Panels/Workshop Sessions 4 

4:45-5:45p                               Closing Plenary Speaker (Cap. 300) 

5:45-6:30p                               B/Boy Showcase featuring the Massive Monkees and  B/Boy Thesis 

6:30-7:30p                                Networking and Book Signing 

Workshops/Panel Discussions 


SCCC RM 3212 (72)               Hip-Hop  101 (w)  

SCCC RM 4122 (30)               Civic Engagement& Youth Activism (w) 

SCCC RM 4106 (100)             Getting Your Business Tight (p) 

SCCC RM 4123 (30)               Youth Ventures and Hip-Hop (w) 


SCCC RM 3212 (72)               Women In Hip-Hop (p) 

SCCC RM 4122 (30)               Hip-Hop in the Classroom (w) 

SCCC RM 4106 (100)             Producers (p) 

SCCC RM 4123 (30)               Careers In Hip-Hop (p) 


SCCC RM 3212 (72)               The “N” Word (w) 

SCCC RM 4122 (30)               Health & Wellness (w) 

SCCC RM 4106 (100)             Hip-Hop, Politics & Community (p) 

SCCC RM 4123 (30)               Hip Hop & The New Face of Racism (w) 


SCCC RM 3212 (72)               Hip-Hop & Green Movement/Economy (p) 

SCCC RM 4122 (30)               Fashion Biz 101 (w) 

SCCC RM 4106 (100)             From The Hood To the Club: Violence & Hip-Hop (p) 

SCCC RM 4123 (30)                

Keynote Speaker 


Dr. Sujan “Supreme Understanding” Dass is a community activist and expert on what we call “the struggle.” A lifelong resident of America’s ghettoes, the author has been involved in the rap game, the drug game, the street hustle game, the pimping game, before advancing the many “legit” games most hustlers never learn. The author has amassed a number of academic degrees to supplement the “hands-on” learning mentioned above, ranging from a Bachelor’s degree in History to a Doctorate in Education with at-risk youth. He has also traveled the globe, researching, organizing, and conducting lectures, workshops, and motivational speeches. His travels have brought him to hundreds of cities across the U.S., as well as international locations in Ghana, India, Mexico, Eastern and Western Europe, the Caribbean, Thailand, and Japan. Supreme Understanding’s ability to combine intellectual awareness, with insight from the “real world” of America’s ghettoes, has made him a staunch critic of the many failed measures to reach our urban youth. After studying the weaknesses of dozens of programs, policies, and philosophies, the author realized something else was needed. 


Through a combination of book knowledge and street wisdom, the author arrived at a set of guidelines any man could use to survive and achieve true success in an environment that normally rewards no one. By infusing these lessons into commentaries and tales that would appeal to the mind of the urban reader (and non-reader), How to Hustle and Win represents the guide to these principles. 

Session Details:
P = panel discussion
w = workshop/presentation 

Hip-Hop 101: Intro To Hip-Hop(w)  

n  Silver Shadow D – Shadow Music/206Zulu

n  Asun aka Suntonio Bandannas – Alpha P/206Zulu  


Hip-Hop The New Face of Racism (w)  

n  Fred Davis 


The “N” Word (w)  

n  Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.


Civic Engagement & Youth Action (w)  
n  Alexandra Davis

Hip-Hop In The Classroom (w)  
“From Machiavelli to Makavelli: Tupacs Reading of the Print”  

n  Georgia Roberts 


Fashion Industry 101: Business & career opportunities in the fashion industry (w) 

n  Ralph “Cassius” Belair – Triple Crown Streetwear Boutique 


Women in Hip-Hop (p)  

n  Rahwa, Hidmo (Moderator)

n  Moni Tep, Communities Against Rape & Abuse

n  Nicquitta “Khmet” Brooks, Managing Editor ,Hip-Hop Nation News

n  Geneiva Arunga, Seattle Hip-Hop Youth Council/UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center

n  Gloria “Glow” Medina – Independent Artist

n  Monika Matthews, Exec Director, Nia Center/Life Enrichment Group

n  Caela Palmer, Life Enrichment Group

n  Toni Hill, Artist


Getting Your Business Tight (p)  

n  Lakeith “Ghetto Prez” Asphy – Seasick Graphics & Promotions/Block Teamsters Union, Presidential Limo & Clothing

n  Robert Redwine – Winetime Enterprises

n  Meli Darby – National Talent Booker, Nectar, Talent Booker Obese Productions

n  Gordon Kurvey – Founder, Music Inner City

n  Ricardo Frazier – MeMusic


Careers In Hip-Hop (p)  

n  Chukundi Salisbury, Technology Entrepreneur

n  LaKeith “Ghetto Prez” Asphy

n  Meli Darby – Obese Productions

n  Ricardo Frazier – MeMusic

n  Keith Tucker, The Keith Tucker Show, Pursuit of Green Planet

n  1st Lady Beunique – Beunique Agency/Presidential Clothing


Hip-Hop, Politics & The Community (p)  

n  Cochise Moore- Director of Operations, Seattle Hip-Hop Youth Council

n  Robert Redwine, Wintime Entertainment

n  Rawha – Hidmo

n  Greg Jackson – 21st Century Fitness/206Zulu

n  King Khazm – 206Zulu

n  Preston Perry, UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center

n  Merciful Allah, Feed The Body Teach The Soul


From The Hood To The Club:  Violence In Hip-Hop (group discussion)  

n  Chukundi Salisbury, Seaspot Media Group/Break The Violence Campaign

n  Greg Lewis, 21st Century Martial Arts

n  Rene Busch, Braids 4 Dayz

n  Rob Ross, Penny Pinching Records

n  Ted Evans, Black Prisoners Caucus/Village of Hope

n  Omari Tahir, African American Heritage Museum & Cultural Center


 Hip-Hop & Green Movement


n  Amber Kroyle, Green Light Initiative

n  Stacy Noland, Moontown Foundation

Producers Panel


n  Robert Redwine, Winetime Entertainment

n  Sirtifyed – Petey’s Playhouse Productions

n  RC – Cideways Productions



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