Hip-Hop Communiversity Fall/Winter Class Schedule

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Graphmatix: Urban Art Workshop

Mondays 4pm – 6pm (Starts Monday Oct. 12th)
Instructor: Kenyatto Amen

This course demonstrates how urban hip-hop art including the use of color and perspective can inspire inner self expression and critical thinking.  From heiroglyphics to graffiti, the class will explore the use of images to communicate.  Participants will learn about the origins of Hip-Hop visual art and create their own alphabet and art portfolio. Ages 7+

Joined At The Hip-Hop Theater
Mondays 4:30 – 6pm (Starts Monday Oct. 19th)
Instructor:  Angel Mitchell
The Joined At The Hip-Hop Theatre workshop introduces youth to basics of  performance theatre. Group members build self awareness, improve verbal and non-verbal communication skills and experience positive self realization through expressive arts.

Science of Flow/Art of Emceeing
Tuesdays (Topic) &  Fridays (Freestyle) – 4pm – 6pm  (Starts Oct. 13th)
Instructors: Shamako Noble & Korvus Blackbird
Science of Flow is a creative communication class where youth study and learn the art, science and techniques of emcee-ing.  Participants gain valuable insight on learning to create, write and perform hip-hop and spoken word starting with basic flowing and self expression to composing structured songs.  The purpose of the workshop is to help young people recognize the need for and develop the skills to be effective communicators in all settings. The workshop explores the importance of reading to lyrical content development; oral presentation skills; the value of mastering spoken and written language; and the cultural significance of hip-Hop music in general and emceeing in specific. Youth are transitioned from being passive consumers to active analyzers and producers of content.

SistazSpeak: Poetry & Spoken Word Workshop
Tuesdays 4pm – 6pm (Starts Oct. 13th)
Instructor: Nicquitta “Khmet” Brooks

SistazSpeak is a poetry and spoken word workshop focused on giving young women an opportunity to discover and share the beauty within and express themselves creatively through writing and performing poetry and spoken word.  Participants will explore inspirational materials and then create their own. A great release and pick-me-up for young women who may be stressed from life issues. Participants will also have opportunities to perform and be introduced to other personal development resources.

Recording Studio 101

Tuesdays & Thursday 4pm – 6pm (Starts Oct. 13th)

Instructors: Ryan “RC” Croone & M. Famous
Recording Studio 101 teaches the basics of beat-making, song structure, sampling, engineering (digital recording music & vocals) including digital recording equipment and software (Pro Tools & Digital Performer).  Students also learn the ropes of setting up your studio on a budget, studio management and selling beats.

Business & Entrepreneurship
Wednesdays 4pm – 6pm (Starts Oct. 14th)
Instructors: Wyking & Cochise
This class is seeks to help youth start their own business and turn passion into profit.  Teaching them the business world, how to work around it as well as work with it. Participants are introduced to the fundamentals of launching and managing a micro-enterprise/small business.  Topics covered include research and product development, business planning, marketing, communication, administration, operations and sales.  Participants are also introduced to the concept of “triple-bottom-line” and have the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 of seed capital for a business idea that has a social benefit.

Hip-Hop Debate, Civics & Politics
Thursday’s 4:30-5:30 (Starts Oct. 15th)
Instructors: Jason & Shamako
Hip-Hop Debate, Civics & Politics combines Hip Hop with formal debate instruction to teach valuable academic and life skills.  Fun and stimulating hands-on debate activities connect to students’ interests and foster critical thinking, research skills, reading comprehension, writing proficiency, public speaking, media literacy, conflict resolution and civic advocacy skill sets.  Youth learn how to use Hip Hop and their creative talents to create dynamic speeches and arguments to use in both public debates and to win competitive debate rounds.

Seattle Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council

Thursdays 5:30 – 7pm (Starts Oct. 15th)
Instructors: Cochise & Wyking

The Youth council is how youth participate in governing the Hip-Hop Communiversity, plan events, activities, etc. providing experience in the area of organizational development and management. The Seattle Hip Hop Summit Action Network Youth Council (SHSANYC) was established in 2002 as a vehicle for youth empowerment and leadership development in Seattle area following the first Seattle Hip-Hop Summit. SHSANYC is the northwest affiliate of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network founded by Russell Simmons and Benjamin Chavis in 2001. HSAN is the largest non-profit, national coalition of hip-hop artists, entertainment industry leaders, education advocates, civil rights proponents, and youth leaders united in the belief that Hip-Hop is an enormously influential agent for positive social change which must be responsibly and proactively utilized to fight the war on poverty and injustice. www.seattlehiphopsummit.org.

Raise The Bar Hip-Hop Fitness Club & Thoroughbreds Boxing
Saturdays 11am – 12pm  (Starts Oct. 17th)
Instructor (Kenyatto Amen & Wyking)
The Raise The Bar Hip-Hop Fitness Club was created to promote healthy lifestyle choices to young adults influenced by hip-hop music and culture.  This project uses Hip-Hop music and popular culture as an effective platform to explore and promote optimal health choices to high-risk, hard to serve youth. The Bar-Tendaz program is an innovative fitness initiative based on kinesthetic aerobics in the pursuit of healthy living.  With an original style and delivery the Bar-Tendaz are revolutionizing the fitness industry. The unique inspirational presentation and original physical fitness program is guaranteed to motivate youth to take an active role in their well being.

Music Business & Artist Development (TBA)
The Music Business & Artist Development workshop focuses on providing support to aspiring artists in developing recording and performing skills while teaching about the business of music. Find out how to set up your publishing company and how to properly file for copyrights. Discover what it takes to trademark a name, logo, or design, how to get paid shows, network for success and more.

Video Production (TBA)
It’s time to bring your stories to life in motion picture! This video production course focuses on learning the basics of video production, including camera work, lighting, sound, & editing. Works will be showcased on UPC-TV and a DVD will be put together showcasing the skills of the class.

DJ 101 (TBA)
DJ 101 teaches everything you need to know about manual and digital turntables and how to use them with precision. From basic blending to scratching, you will discover the techniques needed in order to rock parties and concerts!  Whether you want to be a club/party dj, battle dj or just develop a new hobby.

Fashion Design & Merchandising 101 (TBA)
In Fashion Design & Merchandising 101 participants are introduced to the fashion and merchandising industry including design, sourcing, manufacturing, retail and wholesale distribution.  Participants learn about educational and career paths in the fashion industry and gain hands on experience designing and marketing clothing and producing fashion shows.  Students also learn basic modeling techniques and runway choreography, perform standard backstage clothing management and perform in a fashion show.  Students learn about small business entrepreneurship through engagement with clothing designers and retailers and other industry professionals.

About the Hip-Hop CommUniversity

The Hip-Hop Communiversity was started by a group of youth and supporters who felt like sitting around just talking about the school system wasn’t enough.  So they started a school!   The goal of the project is to coordinate culturally enriching entrepreneurial based activities that address social and community development using technology as a bridge to future employment.  The program is hosted at the UmojaFest P.E.A.C.E. Center in central Seattle.

Reflections from Hip-Hop Communiversity Summer 2009 inaugural class & faculty…

DJ 101 w/ DJ Kuhnex instructing the cuts…

Fashion 101 w/Jaize…

Mic check w/M. Famous

Life Enrichment Group Young Queens in the building

Reading script w/ our Drama Queen Angel

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