Programs & Projects

Media Masters Young Producers Project

The Media Masters Young Producers Project integrates computer technology training with media literacy and performing arts. Youth collaborate with artists and professionals including musicians, DJs, songwriters, spoken word artists, producers, engineers, graphic designers, video producers, web developers, programmers and journalists to create educational content for delivery via various multi-media platforms including internet, radio, television, print and live events.

Youth Stakeholders Project
The Youth Stakeholders project was created to engage youth in positive community building activities in their neighborhoods. Using the each one teach one model, youth are empowered to develop and manage projects to educate and involve their peers. Youth also meet and work with other community stakeholders including residents, business owners, community organizations and policy makers.

Hip-Hop Think Tank
The Hip Hop Think Tank trains youth in the use of research and advocacy. Youth learn and utilize various techniques to research issues that they choose and develop and deliver policy recommendations to the community and policy makers using traditional and non-traditional methods.

Hiphopreneurs Career & Business Club
The Hiphopreneurs Career & Business Club introduces aspiring hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs to the many career and business opportunities related to hip-hop music and culture. Youth learn the fundamentals of succeeding in business by studying successful hip-hop entrepreneurs and the intersection of hip-hop with the global economy. Participants then apply the lessons learned to developing their own ventures.

Young Artists Workshop
The young artist workshop assists youth in developing their ability to express themselves creatively through spoken word, poetry, dance, etc. The youth are able to meet and work with other youth artists as well as professional mentors and perform regularly at various events that are often produced and managed by youth as well. Youth are also introduced to the business basics of their respective art.

Neighborhood Committees & School Clubs
The Community Improvement Committees and School based Clubs use hip-hop as a tool to improve neighborhoods and promote academic achievement. The committees serve as a bridge for disenfranchised population to valuable information, resources and networking and positive extracurricular activities. The committees produce regular events including concerts, talent showcases, assemblies, forums, workshops, celebrity appearances, block parties, festivals, etc.

Hiphopreneurs Summer Academy
The Umoja Fest Hiphopreneurs Academy is an integrated academic enrichment and work experience focusing on language arts, marketing/entrepreneurship, and technology. Participants are exposed to entry level careers in cultural/performing arts, marketing/public relations and digital media. Interns learn basic office administration skills including MS Office applications, filing, fax machines, phone etiquette and interpersonal communications. Interns also learn the fundamentals of personal and business finance. In addition participants learn the basics of running a small business.